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Tung Chao  919-467-5064
Lisa Mrozek 919-610-8317
Travis Henderson 912-660-5587
Morris Segal 703-819-9997
Karl Bauer 919-244-7740
Matt Portnoy 919-349-8088
Marcy Smith 919-593-3136
Marry Robbins 203-722-4636
Leanne Foster 919-656-2270
Tom Sylvester 919-244-4820
Jason LaFayette 919-632-6560
Joyce Halstead 919-250-8565
 Gary Wrayno 919-859-6729
Terry Haygood 919-395-3406
Benjamin Pierce 919-455-7620
Melissa Huemmer 919-414-0668
Ann Boardman 919-327-7330
Rich Weiner 919-452-0932
Ken Canady  919-678-0502
Katie Peterson 919-525-7290
Charlotte Logsdon 919-451-5597
Deborah Mathews  919-805-0306
Sheri Branson 919-270-9711
Charise Payne 908-202-0864
Karan Freimark  919-433-7373
Allen Hubbe  919-637-8725
Humphrey Yao  217-377-9583
Lowell Johnson 919-306-8715
Michelle Hunt 919-698-7883
Barbara Blue 919-954-1466
Karen Crawford  919-362-4534
Christy Kelley 904-386-2635
Lisa Adams - 919-380-7018
Roxanne Marsh - 919-272-7688
Billy Tillit - 919-414-4697
Smita Nair - 919-812-4875
Elizabeth Holmgreen - 919-233-8174
Pam Bowman - 919-467-4473
Ron & Debbie Lewis - 919-380-8507
Linda Savanauskas - 919-522-6108
Jennifer Dolan - 919-656-5981
Sherrie Melinger - 919-460-9589
Milt Harrison - 919-632-4611
Pat Maginnis - 910-603-4249
Linda Harrison - 919-387-3961
Martin Husk - 919-450-8586
Mark Brinkley - 919-749-1113
Jim Pullan - 919-467-3550
Niki Reese - 305-505-9665
Harry Bawah - 919-601-5216
Steve Adlere - 919-649-2250
Richard Turkel - 919-244-0091
Dr. Furr - 919-781-7652
Scott Schumann - 919-235-8036
Allen Williams - 919-669-4026
Chad Gransben - 919-803-5869

I asked customers to please rate there experience with us on a scale 1 - 10 and if they have any suggestions on how we can improve. Below is what they wrote.

Robert came in on time to fix the door lock jam. He tried different methods to remove the old door lock so that I could put a new one in. He then went ahead to put in the new lock that I bought. Very reasonable price.
Tung Chao

I have made the payment and I am EXTREMELY pleased with the work and especially with Robert! He is amazing to work with and I will definitely be contacting you for more work that I will need done on the house!
Lisa Mrozek.

Hey Gary,
James finished up with my projects yesterday. He was very professional, timely, and very pleasant to work with. 
Thanks again! Sara Stevens

I'd rate you all a 10! Excellent work. The handyman that came to my house was wonderful and very knowledgeable. Yes, you may use me as a reference.
Christy Kelley

 Bernie was a gem!  And he had the test of endurance waiting out a whopper of a storm that day – and then his workmanship had the whopper of a test  for days following up after that – the weather was crazy!! All is fantastic, thank you!  I will put a check in the mail today. Karen Crawford

Hi Gary, I give the job a 10. It looks great and is well crafted. I am so glad I went with a total replacement. The work was done well for a fair price.  Please feel free to use me as a reference.  Barbara Blue

We are very happy with the work your guys did at our house. They showed up exactly when they said they would, completed the work in a timely manner, despite the weather being uncooperative, and did a great job. I’d give the whole job and process of engaging with you all a 10. You can certainly use me as a reference. Michelle Hunt

sure, I can be a reference.   you can show me a 10, he was prompt, did very neat work and was very pleasant.  Lowell Johnson

  Travis just finished the work and please tell him that we are very happy with the quality. He did a great job. We are also very sorry that our dog bit him. The young puppy is still learning his boundary. 

I was happy that the work was scheduled and completed promptly and professionally.  Bernie was friendly and polite, kept us informed of his progress, and was receptive to our preferences about some details of the work to be done.  I would be happy to have him work on my house again.

Thank you for the work done at my house.  Robert did a great job, definitely a 10!
Karan Freimark

Gary and Crew- rating is 10. When I called Gary to make an appointment he was prompt when he arrived. He quoted me a reasonable and fair price for replacing my windows . I would definitely recommend him to anyone that needs help at their home. Charise Payne

Hi Gary, yes, everything was done well and the floor looks great, I give them a 10 they did a good job!  And I appreciated the assistance with getting the floor delivered as well.  Barbara

Gary I was really happy with the work done this week and with the 2 people who did the work.  They did a great job and were both respectful and patient with us in and out of their workspace.  Yes, I would be happy to give a reference.  I have put a check in the mail.

Sheri Branson

Thanks Gary.
I am quite satisfied with the work. I sure rate it a 10. I will also give reference to my friends when they need a handyman. Kai

On a scale of 1 to 10, we would give you a 10.  Communication was fantastic, prices very reasonable, and we were happy with Bernie's work.  We have provided your info to a few friends and to our realtor who is always looking for good contractors.Thanks,Donna.

Yes! Robert's work was certainly a 10. Thank you and I will be happy to be a reference.

Hi Gary,
  Thanks for the discount from the original quote.  I appreciate that.
  Your guys did exactly as was stated and I'm pleased with the work.  Based on the project and how everything was cleaned up afterwards, I would rate my satisfaction with the work done a "10".
- Gregg Teague

Hi Gary,
Thank you for sending Robert.
He did a great job, the ceiling looks just fine now.
Again, many thanks.
David Thirtle.

Bernie was excellent. We are very pleased with his work. If we need additional work, I'll contact you for sure and would love to have him back.

Robert did a wonderful job. Very pleasant and knowledgeable, cleaned up everyday would not have known he was here. Came every day until job was completed. Robert gets a big 10.

We are very happy with Bernie and his helper work.  Their attention to detail is noticeable.  I will definitely contact you again when we are ready to start on the next project. Kind regards,
Charlotte Logsdon

Thanks, Gary
Great job done by your staff (10/10) – yes, I would be willing to be used for a reference
Rich Weiner

Hi Gary. Travis and earl finished up the job and the siding looks great. Those guys were awesome and I appreciate the work. Chuck Fehr.

Robert's work was great;  He is methodical, does it right, tidys up...and he tolerates me when I ask too many questions, hover, or change my mind, etc.  :-) Ann Boardman

Hello Gary,
We will send off a check today or tomorrow.  Everything went quite well...our rating would be the highest and we will not hesitate to call on you in the future.
Steve Crafts-Brrandner


I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for the work that Travis did.  It was more disgusting above the window area than I had thought and he did a great job dealing with it.  Thank you for a job well done as I'm enjoying the first days and nights in my office with no smell of guano and decaying bats.  I'll definitely contact you again if we have any more jobs, which hopefully are never as bad as that one.

Sincerely,Bryan West.

We were very pleased with all the work (grade of 10). We especially appreciated Robert's work as we felt he treated us like family and not simply as clients. His insights helped us in many areas.

Jack Brinson

The worker, Travis, did an amazing job- He was fast, very clear in what he was doing and what he planned to do, as well as how long it would take. His work was amazing- he made the door better than it was before and it looks brand new. Travis is definitely the best handyman I have ever had work on my home. 

Benjamin Pierce

Bernie is excellent and he is a very hard worker. He cares about what he does and tries very hard to do things right while taking pride in his work. 
He brought in Michael as a helper and Michael is very skilled. They worked well together and worked hard and I am pleased with what they did. 
Two talented hard working guys who worked well together were a pleasure to meet. 

Gary Wrayno

I have already told my sister about you.   And I would give your guys a 10.  I was very satisfied with the work done.  Feel free to use me as a reference.

Joyce Halstead

Robert was great, extremely professional and efficient.  10 out of 10.  We will definitely use your company for our future needs.

Jason LaFayette

Hey Gary,

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that Rich did an amazing job at my house.  I'm really really happy with the work.  He was incredibly professional, detail oriented, and did everything above and beyond my expectations.

Thanks again, Mary

The final payment has been made. Thank you so much for the great work. We are so pleased with the results. You can use us as a reference. Thanks again!Leanne Foster

Hey Gary!
The work was amazing.  I'm leaving an Angie's list review now.  
Thanks!  Will definitely be using you guys again!

The work came out great. I was happy that the person was able to work with the tenant's schedule and do such good work. I did leave a review on Angie's list and do plan to call in the future when I need additional repairs!
Matt Portnoy


Just wanted to put in a good word for Rich and his helper who did the work on my house today.
The work they did was high quality and professional!

They explained to the work they were doing and any additional issues that were discovered.  I was comfortable with authorizing the additional work that was completed.  
They gave me the chance to ask questions if I had any and they were professional in their work and how they conducted themselves on the job site.

I would certainly recommend your company and them to my neighbors and friends.  If I need additional work in the future I be sure to contact you and even ask for them.

Thanks for the help.

Karl Bauer.

Rich did an excellent job and was quite easy to work with. I may have additional jobs just after the new year.

Ken Zagacki

Thank you for doing such a good job on our Apex townhouse.  I score your work as 10 out of 10!  Your craftsman was very professional and addressed all of the projects quickly.
Morris Segal

Just had bathroom work done by Gary and his crew.  Perfect 10!  They did a fabulous job and actually found two smaller leaks and repaired those as well.  They likely saved me thousands in water damage with their prompt response and scheduling.  Much appreciated!  Travis Henderson

Robert does good work. And has been very patient with my 3-year-old twin boy neighbors, who like to come over and "help" him in the afternoon! Thanks, Gary. Susan Bird.

We're proud of our work. That's why we guarantee it for 2 years!

Gary The Handyman services include:
    • Handyman
    • Rotted Wood Repair
    • Siding
    • Window & Doors
    • Exterior Trim
    • Electrical
    • Plumbing
    • Crown molding
    • Carpentry
    • Painting
    • Sheetrock
    • Tile installation
    • Bathroom Remodeling

Below are the cities you will find Gary The Handyman working:

Cary, Apex, Morrisville, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill & Holly Springs
Cary NC, Apex NC, Morrisville NC, Raleigh NC, Durham NC, 
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